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Catch The Flying Officer Lite

4.6 ( 9856 ratings )
游戏 娱乐 어드벤처 아케이드
开发 G.P. Imports, Inc.

-CAUTION: Extremely addictive! It may interfere with your regular life and have you hooked for hours!

What are you waiting for? The criminal is on the loose and only you can catch him! Set you catapult and fire!

Get ready for a very addictive game.

Go back to New York Ancient Time, lots of criminals all around.

You will need your best logistic and physics calculating skills to succeed at this game.

Your goal is to aim and shoot your police officer toward the criminal-sphere

Beware! Its not as easy as it sounds! As the levels progress, so does the challenge.

Lot’s of careful aiming will help you achieve your goal, each level is harder that previous one

Get ready to encounter all sorts of obstacles planted by the enemy along the way.

With amazing graphics and a clever criminal story; you will not find a better game out there!

We though of every complex and simple detail that makes this game a fun and addictive one with amazing sounds and effects!

We are sure you will enjoy and wont be able to put this addictive game down!

Catching a criminal has never been this fun or challenging!
Get ready for a clever physics game UNLIKE ANY OTHER OUT THERE!
Some of the main features of this fun and highly addictive new app include:

-High quality professional graphics that will capture your eye from the start!

-Increasingly challenging levels that will have you thinking and puzzled...until you catch the criminal!

-Extremely easy to use interface! Perfect for anyone AND everyone!

-NOTHING LIKE IT! You have never seen a game where the police is shot via catapult to catch the criminal... Or have you?

-Think you are a pro? Challenge your family and friends!